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Whitening EX Whitening Cream 50g

Whitening EX Whitening Cream 50g

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Moisturizing and Refreshing
Great help for whitening, and apply the cream smoothly.
In addition, hyaluronic acid and olive leaf extract build the water film on dry skin,
which supply water deep into skin, keep smoothing effect with Which Hazel leaf extract.

Cream for those who dream of a light, clean, even face skin tone. Freckles, pigment spots of various origin, redness, as well as dullness of the skin, spoil not only the appearance, but also the mood.

Cosmetics with bleaching action help cope with these troubles. Cream Whitening EX Whitening Cream from BERGAMO is an effective way to lighten the skin of the face and get rid of pigment spots. In addition, the cream moisturizes the skin and has a general rejuvenating effect. Suitable for all skin types with pigmentation.

A complex of specially selected plant extracts prevents the production of melanin, which provokes the appearance of pigmentation, brightens the skin and helps to eliminate its dimness. In addition, the extracts have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, reduce various reddening of the skin, reduce the manifestations of couperose, the skin acquires a fresh, even, beautiful shade.

Hyaluronic acid in the cream provides intensive moisturizing of the skin from the outside and from the inside, fills the skin with volume, filling inside the dry voids and "pushing" out wrinkles formed due to lack of moisture

Content: 50g

Expiration date: 21-12-2025

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