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Jigott Camellia Ampoule Mask

Jigott Camellia Ampoule Mask

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The Camellia Ampoule Mask is effective in moistening and nourishing the skin
as camellia extract(27mg) and nutmeg tree extract give a refreshed moisturizing feeling to the skin.
As the mask sheet contains aloe vera leaf extract, snail secretion filtrate, pine tree extract,
honey extract and green tea extract, it helps softly smooth the skin and create clean and healthy skin.

Content 1und 27ml

Expiration date: 08/05/2025

Comment utiliser

After cleansing, apply toner.
Put the mask on your face, avoid the eyes and lips, and make the mask fit the skin as much as possible.
Wait for 15-20 minutes, remove the mask, and gently massage in circular motions until the essence is completely absorbed.
Apply the skincare you need according to your daily routine.


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Always wear sunscreen and wash your makeup off at night.

Gail Simmos

SOME BY MI - Truecica Aqua Calming Sun Cream

Cet écran solaire léger doté d'une protection SPF50+ à large spectre. La formule respectueuse des récifs contient des sucettes pour la peau comme le cica, l'extrait de feuille d'aloe vera et l'extrait de nénuphar blanc, et elle ne laissera pas de plâtre blanc.